Considering Snowmobile Insurance From an Independent Agent in Ann Arbor, MI

by | Nov 1, 2021 | Insurance

The state of Michigan does not require any insurance for a snowmobile. Nevertheless, purchasing liability insurance in Ann Arbor, MI, along with collision and comprehensive coverage is recommended. A new snowmobile owner might be tempted to save money and skip buying any insurance. However, that could lead to a significant expense if the owner causes an accident or if the sled is severely damaged.


People typically assume the chances are slim that they will ever be involved in a snowmobile accident, much less be responsible for causing one. Yet thousands of these incidents happen annually, and hundreds of the collisions cause fatalities. The person at fault is responsible for property damages, medical bills and other related expenses. A lawsuit is likely. In contrast, having snowmobile liability insurance in Ann Arbor, MI, protects the owner from financial ruin.

Comprehensive and Collision

As with snowmobile liability insurance, comprehensive and collision coverage are similar to insurance for cars and other vehicles. If the sled ever collides with a vehicle or hits a fence or building, collision coverage pays for repairs beyond the deductible. The comprehensive part of the policy pays for repairs when the snowmobile is vandalized, experiences storm damage or hits a deer.

If the sled is a total loss, collision or comprehensive coverage pays the policyholder for the vehicle’s value as determined by the company.

A Smart Choice

As of 2021, consumers can plan to spend at least $10,000 on a new snowmobile. That makes insurance a smart choice. To get started with an independent agent, visit the website