Peace of Mind With a Software-Enhanced Transfer Agent in Salt Lake City, UT

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Financial Advisors

A transfer agent is a business that manages transactions and change of ownership for a company’s shares while keeping track of ownership distribution. Tracking typically involves canceling the previous shareholder’s name and certificate and substituting it with the name of the new owner on a cap table. These services often include fund accounting services as an extension of ownership tracking.

A Business Partner

Handling ownership and managing cap tables without professional online software and a compliance partner and can be involved and take up a good part of the day. But new to late-stage private companies operating with a combination of comprehensive management services and client access to an online platform will receive several benefits:

  • Savings through the use of electronically-tracked book-entries
  • Elimination of valueless tasks, yielding savings in terms of time and stress
  • Assistance with company offerings, including issuance, distribution, escrow, professional transfer agency and closing.
  • Comprehensive and formatted cap table software with complete reports covering investor data.
  • Investor logins for tracking investments
  • Online cap table that includes stock issuance, investor reports, exercises and grants for options, proxy reporting and vesting schedules while minimizing errors and maintaining compliance with innumerable regulatory demands.
  • Service through a single private company transfer agent and cap table compliance manager, cutting down on business management factors and providing the perspective needed to engineer small and large changes in a company’s development.
  • Up-to-date encryption and security tech.
  • Cap table software issuance, including common stock, preferred stock, warrants, units, options and more
  • Real-time updates
  • Help with state and SEC filings, including Reg D private offerings

A Software-Enhanced Transfer Agent

An experienced Salt Lake City UT area private company transfer agent will be able to consistently update and organize a new to late-stage company’s cap table while keeping it compliant with SEC, IRS and UCC regulations, giving leadership time to focus on a business strategy. For low monthly fees and free setup, contact Equity Track at (801)-433-9925 or online at today.

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