Reasons to Consider a Precious Metals IRA

by | May 27, 2019 | Finance And Investment

Just about everyone is familiar with the IRA, an Individual Retirement Account. But there is a special class of these retirement instruments that are garnering increasing attention. It’s called a precious metals IRA. They are sometimes called gold IRAs because they most often leverage gold as the base of investment although other precious metals may comprise the portfolio as well. The following are some clear advantages of investing in precious metals.

Simple to set up: Setting up a precious metals IRA is easy. One can simply role over a current IRA into one that buys and holds gold rather than other financial instruments, such as stocks and mutual funds. They can also be set up from scratch by purchasing precious metals and setting it up under the IRA holding structure.

Adds diversification: The best retirement funds do not place all their eggs in one basket. Investing in gold through an IRA can defend your fund against sharp drops in stocks or other instruments in your portfolio. True, the price of gold goes up and down, but history shows that gold has been reliable over the long term.

Always has value: The bottom line is that nothing can prevent precious metals from maintaining value. Gold, for example, is a “real thing” as compared to stocks, which are paper printed to represent more symbolic forms of wealth. If a corporation fails, for example, the stocks you own in it become worthless. Gold may decrease in value, but it can never go away. It can also increase in value.

Remember that a precious metals IRA is not limited to gold. Also approved for use by government regulations are silver, platinum and palladium. This adds even more diversity and stability because if one metal loses value, then others may gain value to make up for it.

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