Tips For Finding Options In Health Insurance For Businesses

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Insurance

One of the issues facing many small businesses in the Asheville, NC area, is the ability to find quality, affordable options in health insurance for owners as well as employees.

As small business owners in this part of the country often have a very family-like concern for the health and well-being of their employees, finding the best options in health insurance for businesses Asheville, NC becomes a priority in caring for their workers.

Unlike large corporations and enterprise companies, many of the smaller businesses, including family-owned and Mom and Pop types of businesses, cannot afford to buy into the large group policies. In the past, this has resulted in the business owner having to settle for a substandard health insurance plan that only covers the basics for care.

Alternatives to Consider

A new option in health insurance for businesses that is ideal for small to mid-sized companies in Asheville, NC, is a monthly, fixed-fee type of corporate health plan. Depending on the provider, these plans are designed to include not only free or low cost health services, but also to allow member businesses and their covered employees to access discounts throughout their collaborating group of providers.

In this model, health insurance for businesses is not only affordable, but it is beneficial. With free visits, physicals, health and nutrition coaching, as well as urgent care and virtual medical care services, these programs offer a range of benefits. They also tend to focus on proactive healthcare and treatment of the whole person, resulting in positive benefits to employers and employees at a reasonable cost.

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