Here is Your Guide to the Ins and Outs of Homeowners’ Insurance

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Insurance

Buying your first home can be thrilling. You finally get a place that you can call your own, and you can make it truly yours by painting it the colors you like and making any other improvements you desire. Once you’ve made these changes, you’ll also want to protect your belongings.

Having homeowners’ insurance in Birmingham, AL, is more than just a luxury. In many cases, it’s required. You are more than likely getting a loan to buy your home, and the vast majority of mortgage companies require you to have insurance to protect the house and your belongings

If you’re curious to know exactly what homeowners’ insurance does, read on to find out.

Covers Damage That Might Occur Inside and Outside the Home

If your home gets damaged due to fire, hurricanes, vandalism, lightning, or another natural disaster and your homeowners’ insurance in Birmingham, AL, covers it, you will be compensated for the cost of repairs. This can be incredibly beneficial, especially considering that damage can range in the thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you’re like most people, you don’t have this kind of money lying around. When you pay your premium each month, insurance will cover these expenses and get your home back into livable condition.

Covers Injuries Caused by You or Your Family

If you have liability coverage, your insurance will cover the expenses if anyone gets hurt on your property. This includes if they fall in your home or if your pet bites them. Depending on your policy, it may even cover property breaks that occur at your neighbor’s house. Thus, if you or your child accidentally breaks an antique table, your insurance should cover the cost.

There are many reasons why you need to have homeowners’ insurance in Birmingham, AL. Finding the right policy is important, and talking to an agent is a good way to start that process.

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