What Does Liability Insurance Company In The Woodlands, TX Cover?

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Insurance

In Texas, liability policies protect against common liabilities that consumers, renters, and businesses face. The liabilities emerge according to certain circumstances, such as property damage and sudden accident. Funds are available through the policy to protect the policyholder against the outcome of a legal claim. A Liability Insurance Company in The Woodlands TX offers a variety of policies offering different levels of protection.

Bodily Injuries Due and Property Damage

Auto liability coverage pays for medical expenses for the injured party and any auto repair requirements. If the policyholder is at fault in an accident, they file a claim through their insurer to collect the funds for the injured party.

Personal or Advertising Issues

General liability coverage applies to personal or advertising injuries that are printed, on television, or posted online. The policy covers defamation of character, libel, and false advertising claims. If the policyholder is the defendant in a lawsuit, the insurance value applies to the total monetary award won in the case.

Medical Payments Required After Product or Premises Liabilities

Medical payments are covered under liability coverage when a claim is filed for premises or product liabilities. Premises liabilities apply to slip and fall accidents or injuries caused by a hazard inside or outside a property whether commercial or residential. Product liabilities relate to injuries caused by products purchased or used by consumers. In the cases, the consumer must follow all directions for use as directed by the manufacturer.

Property Damage Caused by a Tenant

Liability coverage comes standard with renter’s insurance and offers coverage when the tenant damages a rental property. The terms of the policy might include coverage for pets who damage the property. For dogs, the policies outline the weight and breed of the animal, and premiums increase according to the risk.

In Texas, liability policies apply to bodily injuries, property damage, defamation of character, or libel. Business policies help protect against lawsuits for product liabilities and premises-related accidents. Certain policies offer medical coverage for injuries expenses. Businesses or consumers who need any type of liability coverage through a Liability Insurance Company in The Woodlands TX contact Insurance Offices Texas or visit iotx.com right now.

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